Dec 04, 2019 · The Easy Coconut Candy is a treat that’s actually fairly healthy – but tastes anything but that.The rich coconut chocolate combo is the perfect pick-me-up. Craving more coconut flavor? Try these white chocolate mousse and coconut pastries, milky girl cake or my favorite white chocolate coconut candy. The cupcakes came out moist with a delicious peanut butter flavor not overpowering. I frosted them with milk chocolate frosting and my peanut butter-loving fiance said they were "the best food" he has ever had! I put about 10 of the cooled cupcakes (w/o frosting) in a … I liked these cupcakes; they had the typical pound cake crust (which is the best part) and the dense but not heavy texture. There really is only enough batter to make about 21 decent sized cakes. I did not like the frosting: It was tooth-achingly sweet (a pound of sugar plus the sweet eggnog!)and made me feel a bit sick.